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Testing the MSS Ride Management System on our F80 M3 Vyper

Testing the MSS Ride Management System on our F80 M3 Vyper
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From the factory the F80 M3 sits stupidly high, ruining the aggressive look of the car. This issue is only accentuated when wheels are changed and aero is added. Previously we have lowered car on different springs, and also changed to Bilstein EDC dampers, but we were looking for a better solution.

This is where MSS' Ride Management System comes in. It is a height adjustable spring that sits on the regular damper, requiring no modification of the standard damper. Not only that but the primary aim of the kit is to improve ride quality and performance, something a regular lowering spring often does the opposite.

We returned our F80 M3 back to stock suspension, and then fitted the MSS to the stock dampers to see how they compare, and then test out the MSS suspension to see if they can deliver an improved drive along with fixing the aesthetics!

MSS Sports Adjustable Ride Management System for F8x M3/M4: https://www.evolveautomotive.com/mss-...

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