1. Sending our cars back to the dealer! - Evolve x BMW Park Lane
  2. Upgrading our G80 M3 with Fall-Line - Strut Brace + Oil Cooler Guard
  3. The Evaero G80 M3/G82 M4 Front Bumper is ready for release!
  4. First look at the G80 M3 Eventuri Intake System - Design + Prototyping
  5. BMW cheaped out on our G80 M3! - Indiv G2x/G8x Carbon Vent Trim - Overview + DIY Install
  6. G80 M3 Aulitzky Exhaust - Install + Sound Test
  7. G80 M3 xDrive Review from a RWD owner - Has 4WD ruined the M3?
  8. Taking our G80 M3 Competition to the Drag Strip - Stock 1/4 Mile Times + Development
  9. Our G80 M3 gets a set of Custom 2 Piece Forged Wheels!
  10. G80 M3/G82 M4 MSS HAS Install Guide
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