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Unleashing our Stage 3 900WHP BMW F90 M5 at VMAX 200

Dyno Testing + Tuning our Stage 3 Built Engine F90 M5 - Can we hit 1000hp?

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Fixing the M3/M4/M2C Crank Hub Problem - Billet Pinned Crank Hub

7 days ago No comments

Taking our F90 M5 to the next level - Stage 3 Forged Engine Build + GTX Turbos

10 days ago No comments

Debuting the Eventuri IMS850 RS3 and Chasing New Records at VMAX200

1 month ago No comments

E36 M3 Supersprint RHD Manifolds + Exhaust - Install + Dyno Testing

1 month ago No comments

MSS Suspension + CSF Intercooler Upgrades for an N55 M2

2 months ago No comments

DESTROYING 200mph in the Evolve F90 M5 at VMAX200

2 months ago No comments

Driving the E46 M3 CSL - 17 years on does the legend live stand up?

3 months ago No comments

There are a few BMW's every enthusiast knows of, the famous E9 CSL, the E30 M3 and the E46 M3 CSL. BMW have of course produced many more legendary cars but you'll often find at least two of these at the top of any list.

Having cut our teeth on E46 M3 tuning when Evolve started 13 years ago the CSL was a halo car even then. Imran had a chance to drive a CSL back then and it left a lasting impression on him. Would revisiting the car in a now turbocharged world 17 years after it launched shatter those rose tinted glasses, or only reinforce the memories of the last meeting with one of BMW M's finest.

MSS Suspension + Supersprint Decat + JB4 for this F32 435i N55

3 months ago No comments
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