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  1. Lowering the RS3 8Y with MSS HAS Kit - Install + Review
  2. Audi RS3 8Y Review - Understeer begone!
  3. 2022 RS3 8Y Stock Dyno Testing
  4. @Eventuri's 2022 RS3 8Y Development Car - Collection + 8V Intake Testing
  5. Audi C8 RS6  @Eventuri  Development - Stock Airbox Analysis + Intake Design
  6. Going for a 9 Second 1/4 Mile in the Eventuri 900bhp RS3
  7. Hitting 211mph in the Eventuri RS3 - UK's Fastest RS3!
  8. Testing the RS3 8V TT RS 8S Eventuri Stage 3 Intake System on a Flow Bench
  9. Eventuri RS3 8V testing MSS Height Adjustable Springs
  10. Eventuri Equipped Audi RS3's Snow Drifting
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