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Supercharged E39 M5 gets Evolve Billet Plenum upgrade

Supercharged E39 M5 gets Evolve Billet Plenum upgrade
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During the development of our own E39 M5 Supercharger kit we quickly realised that the stock plenum was not suited for forced induction for two reasons. One is that it is simply not strong enough to hold the amount of boost pressure that it is possible to run, and the other being that the trumpets inside the plenum are not suited to forced induction.

With these facts in mind we designed our own Billet Plenum from the ground up, to be strong enough and also direct the charged air evenly in to each cylinder.

Knowing how good of an upgrade this was, we offer it for purchase separately from our kit, as it can fit an supercharger kit that utilises the stock plenum due to the inlet being in the same position.

This customer came in with an ESS kit, with their supplied injectors and tune. We fitted our Billet Plenum, a set of uprated injectors and our supercharger ECU tune, to get a little more out of what was already a very potent setup.

Evolve Supercharger Uprated Billet Plenum for S62: https://www.evolveautomotive.com/evol...

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