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​Since when did the Mini F56 start on Full fat milk?

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Owning a mini has always been a relationship that would put a smile on your face. I mean they are fun, funky, quirky and quick. What more could you want? Well we will come on to that a little later on.

Since the days of The British Motor Corporation in 1959 Mini has fallen into the hands of a few various owners, of which one in my opinion has been the most beneficial. In 1994 BMW were able to gain full ownership of the Mini brand.

23 years on and it's safe to say Mini are in more than safe hands. Fast forward to 2016 and the BMW group announce MINI sales achieve 12.0% increase to total 338,466 for the last sales year.

Of course these figures look great, not to mention this is the Mini range of models as a whole. So what's missing? What have mini failed to give us in the last 20 years?

We live in a time where turbochargers play a great roll in an engine setup. Where engine emissions play heavily on your wallet. Where fuel prices rise and fall almost at will and where BMW or should i say Mini, do not want to move away from a 4 cylinder, front wheel drive car. More specifically in their hatch and the flag ship model such as the Cooper S or JCW.

In my opinion the performance Mini Hatch has outgrown the competition from the Fiesta ST, Corsa VXR, Renault sport clio and others such as the Polo GTI.

You see i have chosen my words carefully. Outgrown.

Let me expand. A Mini JCW hatch would not be found lost in a car park amongst Range Rovers, Mercedes and Porsches. A difference to a Fiesta ST or Polo GTI maybe?

Think about it. A Mini JCW hatch still provokes a smile from other car owners who know what it is and what it's about.

But if we rewind a little to what is missing. Those other car owners also know, with all the fun, all the tech, all the looks, all the presence. It still does not have the real punch to follow it up.

That is what is missing. The punch!

The 228hp Turbo charger 4 Cylinder is good. But we want it to be great.

Over the last few Months, Evolve Automotive has been working with the Cooper S and JCW B48 engines. With a diet of full fat milk and many hours in the ring has this Grown up hot hatch now got a punch to be proud of?

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