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Joining the VMAX 200 MPH Club in our F10 M5 'The Great White'

Joining the VMAX 200 MPH Club in our F10 M5 'The Great White'
2 years ago 10 comments

After our disappointment from the last VMAX 200 event we didn't have to wait long for our next chance to try and reach 200mph in our F10 M5. Having found and removed the limiter, and with weather conditions looking good, we took to the runway. There was some stiff competition, but we finally managed it. The perfect swan song for our trusty Great White, now ready for a well earned retirement, after years of service doing the school run, shopping trips, 1/4 mile runs and of course, runway racing. We can't wait to get our hands on the F90 M5, and see how much further we can push it.

Evolve Stage 2 Remap with Catless Downpipes

Eventuri Intake System

SSP Spec-R Clutch

Darren Waite 2 years ago at 19:31
Wicked car, done it's duty well
Yameen Patel 2 years ago at 10:44

That M5 is truly amazing and has been truly tuned and refined.
I seen and experienced the results for myself at one of the vmax200 events when I went for a passenger lap
Tristan porter 2 years ago at 11:48
Love this car
Mart 2 years ago at 18:45
Sic, love an M5
Matthew Turner 2 years ago at 06:28
What an absolute weapon of a car. Well done on turning this epic car into a complete beast
Sam sandhu 2 years ago at 08:42
Excellent blog. Enjoyed the read and video. I also have thr eventuri intake thr induction noise alone is worth it everytime. The f10 m5 you had/have is pure monstrous!!
Stuart Ridge 2 years ago at 16:11
Great read - awesome M5
Richard Stok 2 years ago at 18:57
Amazing to see 600bhp to 650 bhp as standard!
Marc Dedman 2 years ago at 20:10
Awesome M5
Cassandra D 2 years ago at 17:04
That car is fast.
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