Have we fixed the Mini GP3's flaws? Evolve vs Stock with  @Petrol Ped ​

With any project car we try to push the platform to be the best it can, either by improving where budgets were clearly tightened or focusing the car on to a more specific task.

With the GP3 we loved how it was out on track, but its road manners left us missing our Cooper S! Over the year we have owned it we have worked towards making our GP3 the car we really wanted it to be. As you modify a car over time you start to forget what the base car was like, so we felt it was time for a refresher.

This is where our friend Peter Greaves, better known as @Petrol Ped comes in - One of the main Mini aficionado's in the UK, he borrowed Mini UK's press GP3 and we put it head to head with our Evolve GP3, what did he think of the car? Watch on to find out!

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