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Fitting M4 style Mirrors and Reflector Delete to our M2 GTS

Fitting M4 style Mirrors and Reflector Delete to our M2 GTS
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When the F87 M2 was released many people complained that it wasn't a 'proper M car'. The main complaint being the N55 engine, not an 'S' engine that has been developed by M themselves, and whilst this is a valid comment, many also commented on how the M2 shared its seats and mirrors with the regular 2 Series.

Of course there is no one thing that makes an M car, it's a combination of many things, and to us the F87 M2 is just as much of an M car as any other, because of the driving experience it delivers. Nonetheless with the seats already changed as part of the GTS transformation, it was time to silence the whiners and fit some M style mirrors to our M2 GTS.

The mirrors are made by AutoID, and don't just replace the outer cover, but the entire housing, meaning they replicate the entire look the M3/M4 mirror from all angles, something the existing outer covers failed to do.

At the same time we also fitted a set of Acexxon Reflector Deletes to the rear of the car. As the name suggests this replaces the red reflector for a fake vent, removing the colour from the bumper and giving a subtle but meaner look.

AutoID Carbon Fibre M Style Wing Mirrors:


Acexxon Reflector Deletes for F87 M2


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