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Fitting M4 GTS Aero and Carbon 1.5 Diffuser to our F80 M3 Project Vyper

Fitting M4 GTS Aero and Carbon 1.5 Diffuser to our F80 M3 Project Vyper
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You may have seen our F80 M3 sporting a GTS style bonnet and OEM M4 GTS front lip in previous videos, but in the pursuit of speed we removed the splitter at VMAX, and decided the exposed carbon fibre didn't suit the Verde Mantis as well as it did on the M2 GTS.

With an OEM GTS bonnet to also be fitted to match the OEM GTS front lip we worked on the rear of the car, with a new Carbon Fibre 3 piece diffuser from Carbon 1.5 to fit, and some reflector deletes from Acexxon to complete the look, matching our F90 M5 and F87 M2 GTS.

This means that the project is almost complete exterior wise, and that we can focus on increasing the power with V2 of our development hybrid turbos, which will hopefully be ready by March for the next VMAX 200 event.

Edison Carbon Fibre GTS Bonnet for F80 M3 / F82 F83 M4:


OEM BMW M4 GTS Front Lip:



Carbon 1.5 Rear Diffuser for F80 M3/ F82 F83 M4:


Acexxon Rear Reflector Deletes for F80 M3 / F82 F83 M4:


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