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F30 330d X-Drive Remap

F30 330d X-Drive Remap
3 years ago 1 comment

BMW introduced X Drive to the 3 Series in the UK on the current FXX series generation. The move has been a popular one and we have noticed that alot of 330d and 335d that come in for tuning are the X Drive version. As these cars are capable of 500 + lb.ft torque once tuned it certainly helps get the power down in the UK’s not so perfect weather conditions.

This particular 330d with X Drive made typical power gains that we achieve from this platform. Stock power was 260 BHP and 450 lb.ft torque. Power after the Evolve ECU Remap was 328 BHP and 515 lb.ft torque with 100 lb.ft gains in the mid range providing plenty of over taking power.

Ken Holmes 1 years ago at 00:20
Nice picture of my car,still puts s huge smile on my face!
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