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F06 M6 GC - SSP Spec-R Uprated Clutch for F10 M5/F13 M6

F06 M6 GC - SSP Spec-R Uprated Clutch for F10 M5/F13 M6
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The DCT gearbox fitted to the F10 M5/F13 M6 (among other DCT equipped M cars) is a great unit, and is incredibly strong. The weak point, is the clutch, which we find can hold up to around 700ft/lb, but this can vary due to age, mileage and even manufacturing variances. Whilst 700ft/lb is A LOT of torque, the S63 engine with stock turbos can actually produce more than this, upwards of 750ft/lb is possible, and for those wanting to forge their engine and go to uprated turbos, a new clutch pack is essential to transfer the massive amount of torque that can be produced.

We tested 2 options, and found the SSP Spec-R clutch to be the best option, rated to 900ft/lb it will take more torque than a stock engine could ever dream of making. Drivability is unaffected and pricewise it's comparable to an OEM replacement, making it a no-brainer if you're experiencing clutch slip.

With this upgrade fitted we then apply our Stage 2+ map, which unlocks a little more from the engine, allowing it to produce more torque than a stock clutch could handle, and turning the F10 M5/F13 M6 in to a truly supercar beating monster.

SSP Spec-R Clutch Package

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