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F Series 435d Gran Coupe X-Drive Remapped

F Series 435d Gran Coupe X-Drive Remapped
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One of our team members bought a 435d Gran Coupe X Drive recently so we had a chance to test our ECU Tune with the Vbox.

Here at Evolve we know the importance of a dyno and the gain it shows, but its how the car performs in the real life that really counts. That's why we like to use Vbox testing as much as possible to show real life performance increases using the popular 100-200 KPH and 60-130 MPH measures.

Here is the dyno graph showing the gains from the ECU tune.

The tests were carried out back to back within 20 minutes of each other.

These cars are pretty quick in stock form for an oil burner and we managed to achieve the following times on the same stretch of tarmac:

100-200 KPH 14.06

60-130 MPH 16.84

Vbox Graph 100-200 KPH Stock

Vbox Graph 60-130 MPH Stock

After the remap the following times were achieved:

100-200 KPH 11.56

60-130 MPH 13.53

Vbox Graph 100-200 KPH Evolve Tuned

Vbox Graph 60-130 MPH Evolve Tuned

That's an improvement of 3.3 seconds over 60-130 MPH with just the ECU tune which is pretty impressive performance from this family cruiser!

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