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E46 M3 - Evolve Supercharger Kit

E46 M3 - Evolve Supercharger Kit
3 years ago 1 comment

Its been a long time coming because for various reasons we had to put this project on ice for a while. We have been working on finishing the development of the kit over the last few months and have the system up and running, so we can test it over a longer period. I say test it, but for us its really the revolutionary part of this system that sets it apart from the others that needs longer term testing. That part being the carbon fibre plenum.

Here is a quick over view of the system:

Carbon Fibre Plenum

Front Mount Air to Air Intercooler

Bosh Injectors

8 rib pulley system

Carbon Fibre Inlet Pipe

Tial BOV

Electric Fan

Carbon Plenum

From design…

To reality

The carbon plenum not only provide stunning looks but is also light and produces the same kind of tone you get from the CSL airbox at lower RPMs. Once the boost starts coming in stronger, this is replaced with the whoosh of the Rotrex supercharger followed by the release of air by the Tial BOV. It really is something to experience. We will be uploading a video soon.

8 Rib Pulleys and Belt Run

Why 8 rib? To provide maximum traction on the charger meaning better throttle response and no belt slip.

Front mount intercooler Air to Air

We chose an air to air intercooler as in our experience they are more efficient that air to water. This is the last area of the system that needs further improving so we can get less of a pressure drop whilst retaining the low IAT’s we are getting.

Dyno graphs

These are just initial figures but we are very happy with getting over 500 BHP on our dyno dynamics at only 7.2 PSI. This is possible as we have tried to maximise the efficiency of every part of the system. The plenum and intake pipe have both been designed with CFD (Computer Flow Dynamics) to make sure they allow the air going into the Supercharger and into the throttle bodies to do so as efficiently as possible.

We will have further updates when we have tested the plenum further and have revised the intercooler design.

Tk 1 years ago at 10:44
How much for kit and to get fitted on my e46
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