Curing the E92 M3 Throttle Actuator Failure Problem

We've dealt with hundreds if not thousands of E9x M3's in our time, and generally they are pretty reliable. However one main fault we see is Throttle Actuator failure. This isn't fatal like Rod Bearing failure, however it is certainly an inconvenience especially if you're on a big trip or only use the car on the odd special occasion.

Our car falls in to that special occasion category, and as such we want to make sure when we take it out that it's not going to have the failure, stopping us from fully enjoying the car.

With that we now offer our own upgraded Throttle Actuators! These come with a lifetime warranty we're that confident that you'll never have to worry about them failing again.

With these fitted and the Rod Bearing Service carried out, we're free to enjoy one of the best cars BMW has made without worrying.

Evolve Throttle Actuator Replacement: