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BMW News & Rumours - G80 M3 2WD and 4WD models? - i4 - M2 Competition Akrapovic Exhaust

BMW News & Rumours - G80 M3 2WD and 4WD models? - i4 - M2 Competition Akrapovic Exhaust
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As the year draws to an end the news starts to slow down, but there's still some interesting rumours floating around along with new product releases.

Firstly it's the rumour that BMW will actually offer two models of the G80 M3, and we don't mean standard and Competition, we mean the possibility of a Manual/2WD model and an Automatic/4WD model, separating the two types of owners but ultimately forcing people to choose which criteria is more important if they want a combo that isn't possible, what are your thoughts?

Next up BMW is looking to the future, albeit the very near future now, with plans to make the next chassis' able to support an EV model alongside the combustion engine ones.

BMW have launched a new configurator! The saviour of office boredom now lets you play around with all the individual options, meaning the possibilities are nearly endless.

The M2 Competition has waited unusually long for aftermarket exhaust options, but Akrapovic are finally launching their exhaust system early next year.

A first for this show, we look at a BMW Mini product, with Eventuri launching their much anticipated Intake System for the F56 Cooper S / JCW. We will be taking a closer look at this on our own F56 Cooper S Development car at the start of 2019.

BMW Individual Configurator -


F80 M3 Render : CarLifeStyle

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