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BMW F82 M4 Competition Package gets more bite

BMW F82 M4 Competition Package gets more bite
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This M4 came into us with a JB4 piggyback ECU set to Map 1. We added a set of catless downpipes to allow the turbo’s to spool up faster and reduce exhaust gas temperatures and also added and Evolve back end ECU flash / remap.

This allows the customer to have features like top speed delete, cold start delete and with the benefits of ignition and fueling changes on the tune with the JB4 acting like a boost controller. It really is the best of both worlds, especially if you want to go further than Stage 2 in the future by adding water/meth and larger turbos.

The car made 466 BHP on JB4 Map 1 and 510 BHP after the ECU remap with JB4 set to Map 2 with an extra 50 lb.ft torque in the mid range. We have a number of cars running this dual set up now with excellent results.

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