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435D Uprated CSF Intercooler Dyno Testing & Evolve Tune

435D Uprated CSF Intercooler Dyno Testing & Evolve Tune
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We have tested CSF's N55 intercooler before on an F87 M2 with impressive results, but CSF recently informed us that it will also fit the diesel models! We were keen to see if the intercooler would have such a prominent effect on the diesel platform.

A customer came to us with an F32 435D to have a remap and the intercooler fitted. We first applied our ECU tune to get a baseline figure, then fitted the CSF Intercooler to see how much difference it would make to a tuned car.

Unfortunately the car was fitted with winter tyres so the headline figures aren't what we would expect, but as the test was done on the same tyres the gains are valid.

CSF Intercooler for F series: https://www.evolveautomotive.com/csf-...

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